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The Come and Sing Company knows that over the last few years music has taken a bit of a back seat in some schools. We would like to help change that.

We believe that music and song can make kids feel good, increase their creativity, help them get better at teamwork and generate a real sense of pride.


What we offer


Fun, engaging, workshops based on the specific needs of children


A tailormade approach drawing on vast experience of teaching singing in different settings


A focus on building self-confidence and creativity regardless of ability


Tailored from Reception right up to Sixth Form level


A myriad of different styles, traditions and genres



We work with a lead teacher, or Music Director, to tailor our sessions to support any key stage, educational qualification, repertoire or cross curricular theme.


We also offer our choral workshops to other community groups and youth choirs. If you would like to learn more please click here.



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