Musical workshop with young local talent!

Ellie had the pleasure of leading a workshop with talented drama and music students at Dereham Sixth Form Centre.

The students performed 'Seasons of Love' from Rent, workshopping not only the piece from scratch, but learning about technique, vocal health, interpretation and staging.They were exceptional and a joy to work with.


To find out what their Head of Music had to say about the experience please visit our Testimonials page.

Friday Afternoon's workshops underway!

Workshops are underway in Bury St Edmunds teaching children at four schools repertoire from the Friday Afternoon's Songbank. Here is Tom working his magic with children from Guildhall Feoffment Primary School.


These workshops will culminate in a massed choirs performance in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral alongside the cathedral choirs. 


Friday Afternoons and CASC


CASC are proud to announce a partnership with Friday Afternoons. This initiative began in 2013 and funds projects in schools with the focus of getting young people singing together.


CASC's Friday Afternoons in Bury St Edmunds 2017 project will bring together five schools in the town to learn and perform pieces from the Friday Afternoons song bank alongside the choirs of Bury St Edmunds Cathedral. This project aims to unite the community in song and encourage an ongoing musical relationship between the local educational establishments and the cathedral. To find out more about Friday Afternoons please click here.



In Partnership with StartEast


Tom and Ellie are excited to be receiving advice and support from StartEast! Their dedicated team of advisors and entrepreneurs are partnering with CASC to help us develop the business and move forward. Their consultants have been through the highs and lows of business development and are ideally placed to help us grow. To find out more about StartEast please click here.

In Partnership with Holbrook Choral Society and The Royal Hospital School


The Come and Sing Company have the pleasure to announce our new partnership with the Royal Hospital School and its co-curricular choir, Holbrook Choral Society.

The start of 2018 will see CASC and our professional ensemble working with HCS on repertoire including the Vivaldi Gloria. Members will participate in performances, workshops and lectures lead by our team of aspirational musicians.

With a number of projects in the developmental stages with both HCS and the Royal Hospital School's internal music department, The Come and Sing Company are excited to see this relationship grow and prosper!


In Partnership with Arts and Gardens


The Come and Sing Company are proud and excited to announce we are working with Arts and Gardens on some exciting projects. Arts and Gardens are creative producers for heritage and contemporary gardens, and focus on bringing art and music to amazing spaces. To find out more about them and their work please

click here.

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